Easy Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts

With many families still limiting out-of-the-house adventures while continuing to practice other COVID-19 procedures such as social distancing and wearing masks, this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities may be a bit trickier to plan.

Since the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, we’ve searched high and low for easy to do crafts to enjoy with your kiddo all weekend long. Here are our top five favorites that require very few supplies and promise to bring smiles to the faces of all who join in on the fun.

Fingerprint Heart Tree

-Paint (brown, red, pink, purple, or any color of your child’s choosing)
-Paper or card stock
-A hand


1. Draw around your kiddo’s hand and forearm with a pencil (or paint the hand and forearm to create a print)

2. Fill in the arm and hand outline with brown paint.

3. Apply paint directly to the tip of your child’s finger.

4. Press the painted fingertip down firmly onto the paper at a slight angle.

5. Repeat step four and join the two prints to create a heart shape.

6. Fill in the tree with gorgeous finger hearts, using various color combinations.

Photo and craft courtesy of Arty Crafty Kids

Heart Shaped Dog Valentine

-2 white pom poms
-1 black pom pom
-Pink and white card stock paper
-Googly eyes


1. Cut out a white heart for the dog’s face and two pink hearts for the ears.

2. Glue these pieces on as well as the pom-poms and a pink paper tongue.

3. Add the googly eyes.

Photo and craft courtesy of Crafty Morning

Love Bug Craft

-1 foam 3D heart or 3-6 thin foam hearts
-2 pipe cleaners (cut into 8 equal sections)
-1 pair of googly eyes


1. Before inviting your kiddo to join, prep for this craft but cutting your pipe cleaners into eight equal sections and poking three holes in each side of your heart and two more holes on the top.

2. Have your child place a dab of glue on the tip of each pipe cleaner, and put one into each hold to make the legs for the love bug. (Pro tip: A paper plate with a little glue on it makes this easy for little ones.)

3. Bend the legs to create a knee and foot for each leg of your love bug craft.

4. Curl the tips of each antenna.

5. Glue googly eyes onto each love bug face.

Photo and craft courtesy of Rhythms of Play

Stapled Paper Heart Wreath

-3 sheets of 8.5” x 11” card stock paper (construction paper is not thick enough for the wreath to keep its shape)


1. Cut out nine strips of paper about 1-1/4” wide by 11” long. Each strip of paper will become one heart in your wreath. If you do more than nine, your wreath will become droopy.

2. Fold each strip of paper in half.

3. Curve the ends of the paper inwards to make a heart shape and staple the two ends together.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon about 18” long. Make your paper heart shape as you did before, but this time slide the ribbon between the two curved ends of the paper.

5. Staple the ribbon and paper in place.

6. Once you’ve made the two hearts that the ribbon will hang from, staple the rest of the strips of paper into heart shapes.

7. To connect the hearts together, line up the bottom points of two heart shapes, then staple them together about half-way between the top and bottom of the heart. Try to staple close to the back edge, so that the staple isn’t obvious when you look at it from the front.

8. Staple one heart in between the two hearts with the ribbons again, making sure you line up the bottom points of each heart and stapling half-way between the top and bottom of the hearts.

9. Then continue stapling the hearts together until you’ve made it all the way around the circle.

Photo and craft courtesy of One Little Project

Valentine’s Day Friendship Rocks

-Rocks (find some outside or consider buying some similar to these)
-Black marker
-Optional: clear varnish (helps preserve them and keep them from chipping)


1. Pour paint onto a palette.

2. Have your child dip their finder onto the paint covering the fingerprint fully and pressing firmly onto the rock, forming one side of a V-shape.

3. Repeat and fill the other side of the V-shape to make a heart.

4. Allow the paint to dry fully.

5. Draw cute characters and features onto the hearts using a black marker.

6. Optional: Spray your rocks with a clear varnish (adults only) to preserve the paint.

Photo and craft courtesy of Red Ted Art

On behalf of everyone at Urgent Care for Children, we wish you and your family a safe and healthy Valentine’s Day. Our doors will be open from 8 am until 6 pm on Sunday, February 14th, 2021, for any pediatric illness and injuries and COVID-19 testing for patients of all ages.