Five Reasons to Embrace Telemedicine

At Urgent Care for Children, we’re all about convenience. Our team strives each day to uphold the motto of “quality care with less waiting,” and one of the most innovative ways we do that is through our telemedicine system.

Now, you may be asking: what exactly is telemedicine?  

Telemedicine offers parents a chance to have their kiddos checked out virtually. At Urgent Care for Children, patients interface digitally with one of our expert physicians through secure video conferencing via computer, iPhone or Android device with the Anytime Pediatrics Telemedicine app.

That’s right: you can get your youngster in front of a doctor without ever leaving the house!

Sounds great, right? Still need a little convincing? Here are five of the top reasons to consider using telemedicine the next time you’ve got a sick little one.

  • Convenience is Key – The life of a parent is a busy one. As critical as your child’s health is, you may not always have time for a traditional visit to the doctor. Plus, what if you’ve got other kiddos around and can’t find a sitter? These situations are perfect for telemedicine! By logging onto your computer, iPhone or Android device, you and your child can meet with a physician and receive quality pediatric care from the comfort of your home.
  • Safety First – When you’ve got a sick little one, the last thing you want is to expose them to more germs that could make them feel even worse. Although our team keeps waiting rooms in pristine shape, sick kiddos still can spread germs and viruses in the waiting room. By setting up a telemedicine appointment with Urgent Care for Children, you can avoid those germs altogether and ensure that you, your sick child and any other family members that might tag along to the doctor’s office dodge those pesky germs completely.
  • Don’t Break the Bank – It was important for our team to offer a telemedicine service that’s not only convenient, but also extremely affordable. This allows everyone to benefit from high-quality care, whatever your unique situation may be. While telemedicine services can vary in price based on your health insurance plan, the most you’ll ever pay for a virtual visit is just $60.
  • Efficient Follow-ups – Your telemedicine experience doesn’t end when you finish your session. Immediately following the end of your video conference with an Urgent Care for Children physician, our team will get to work preparing everything you need. If a medicine is prescribed, that prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy in just minutes. We’ll also send a progress note to your child’s primary pediatric provider detailing everything covered in the session.
  • Comforting Care – The doctor’s office can be a scary place for a little one. If you’ve got a shy kiddo at home, there’s no need to fear! Through our innovative telemedicine platform, your child can sit down and relax in their favorite comfy spot at home and still receive a full diagnosis from an expert Urgent Care for Children pediatric provider.

If your kiddo isn’t feeling 100%, but your life is 100% busy, set up a telemedicine appointment  with Urgent Care for Children and get quality care with less waiting right at home!