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Investor Relations
Investors of Urgent Care for Children meeting

Our History

Urgent Care for Children was founded by a group of physicians who saw a need to provide a continuum of care for local pediatricians and offered an affordable alternative to the emergency room. As parents themselves, they understood that children’s illnesses or injuries don’t follow normal business hours. In 2017, UC4C opened its first clinic in Birmingham, Alabama with a mission to provide quality care with less waiting. Today, UC4C operates 17 clinics across the Southeast in addition to a telemedicine portal.

About Us

Our Mission

Urgent Care for Children is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our communities and will stay at the forefront of care innovation. We provide an unparalleled quality of care in a welcoming environment, patient focused conveniences and the best customer service in the Urgent Care industry 365 days a year.

Investor Relations Contacts:

Eric Essary
McKinney Capital

Helen Combs
CEO, Urgent Care for Children


Braxton Goodrich, Chairman


Eric Essary

McKinney Capital

Vivek Lal, M.D.

University of Alabama at Birmingham and
Alveolus Bio, Inc & ResBiotic Nutrition, Inc.

Danny McKinney

McKinney Capital

Rich McRoberts


Amrik Walia, M.D.

American Health Research Institute (AHRI)

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