Your Top Telemedicine Questions… Answered

Did you know that you can access an Urgent Care for Children pediatric provider on-demand through telemedicine? Your child can receive the same quality care he or she would get inside a UC4C clinic from the comfort of your own home.

If the doctor decides your child needs lab work or testing, you’ll be referred to your closest UC4C location where you will skip the waiting room and receive full curbside service for no additional cost. You will then be called with the results, and necessary prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy in minutes. We’ve got more details on this and more in the answers to your top five telemedicine questions below…

Telemedicine allows your child to receive care from an Urgent Care for Children pediatric provider from the comfort of your own home within a secure video-based platform. Using a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet, the physician will assess your child, provide a diagnosis, answer any questions you may have, and prescribe necessary medications.

We are now accepting most insurances for telemedicine, and many insurances are waiving co-pays for telemedicine visits in light of COVID-19. Otherwise, you can access telemedicine at an affordable, flat-rate cost of $59.

(*Co-pay and final bill subject to your insurance carrier’s policies)

The power of technology allows our team of pediatricians to accurately identify, diagnose, and treat an array of illnesses and injuries. A shortlist of conditions we are now seeing through telemedicine include allergies, pink eye, UTIs, headaches, rashes, cough, cuts and abrasions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and much more.

A LabHopper™ pass allows you to skip the line and waiting room to pop into one of our UC4C locations for curbside lab work or testing, all for no additional cost. Once your child’s results are in, one of our pediatric providers will give you a call with a thorough care plan and send any necessary prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Seeing an Urgent Care for Children provider through a telemedicine visit is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click here to begin your visit. No scheduling needed! To watch an instructional video on how to make a virtual visit and what to expect, click here.