5 Reasons Why the Flu Vaccine is a Must

Colder weather is finally here, and while it brings festive fall celebrations and lots of cozy nights, it also brings one of the most common (and often most dreaded!) illnesses in the world — the flu.

No one wants to get the flu, and you especially don’t want your little ones to suffer through the aches, sleeplessness and fever that comes with it. That is why it’s very important to make sure you, your youngsters and your whole family get a flu vaccination. The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend an annual vaccine for all children 6 months and older by the end of October.

Still need a little convincing? Here’s five reasons you should make sure the whole family gets a vaccination this flu season.

In Simple Terms…The Flu is no Fun! There’s no way around it. Getting the flu is no fun for anyone, especially young kids. The aches and pains, the fever, the headaches and all the other awful symptoms of the flu are enough to completely weaken the healthiest adult, let alone a child with a still-developing body and immune system. Luckily, the flu vaccine can drastically prevent your little one from this illness. One recent study showed that the flu vaccine reduced children’s risk of flu-related pediatric intensive care unit admission by 74%.

The Flu Can Be More Dangerous Than You Realize. Most cases of the flu simply must run their course. Others may stick around for a few days or weeks, but some can take much longer to go away. In rare cases, the flu can lead to serious complications or become life threatening. The CDC estimates that between 6,000 and 26,000 children younger than 5 years have been hospitalized each year in the United States because of influenza. That alone should be enough to convince everyone to get the whole family vaccinated!

A Safer Environment.  Nobody wants to be that parent. You know the one. The parent who didn’t get their child vaccinated and shows up to school or community events with a sick little one and unknowingly spreads germs. By getting your child vaccinated, your lessening not only their risk of getting the flu, but also the risk for everyone they come in contact with. It typically takes over seven days for children to pass the virus. Symptoms can begin after two days, meaning that your child is likely to pass the flu to other kiddos before you even know they are sick.

Get In & Get Out. At Urgent Care for Children, we believe in quality care with less waiting, and that mantra definitely extends to flu vaccinations. By utilizing our Save your Spot online feature, you can come in, get your children vaccinated and be on your way. Skip the lines at the pharmacy and head to Urgent Care for Children for a quick and easy flu shot!

Kid-Friendly. We know that big needles can be very scary for your kiddo. Luckily, Urgent Care for Children offers FluMist nasal spray as well as the traditional shots. No matter which vaccination your family chooses, our team is here to put everyone’s mind at ease as soon as you walk in the door. At every step of the way, our specialized physicians will be there to walk your kiddo through the whole process and keep them comfortable the entire time!

There are plenty of reasons to get the flu vaccination, but at the end of the day – keeping your little ones happy and healthy is the most important. Stop by your nearest Urgent Care for Children any day of the week for an easy and convenient vaccination!