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Asthma & Allergy Services

Asthma and allergies are common chronic conditions that can cause your child to feel uncomfortable. At Urgent Care for Children, our specialized non-emergency care is designed to effectively manage and alleviate asthma and allergy conditions, and also minimize the downtime that can impact your child’s health, daily activities and overall quality of life.

Looking for an asthma urgent care or pediatric allergy urgent care near you? Save your spot in line at Urgent Care for Children in Alabama.

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Pediatric Asthma Services

Our asthma urgent care clinic locations can help manage your child’s symptoms, and help prevent or reduce the severity of asthma attacks. Getting quick care can help relieve coughing, wheezing and general discomfort. Urgent Care for Children is here for your family when you need an intermediary between the emergency room and your primary care physician. 

Pediatric Allergy Services

Our child allergy urgent care offers high-quality pediatric allergy treatment in times of need. With experienced healthcare providers and a patient-centered approach, our non-emergency services can help lessen the impact of an allergic reaction or seasonal allergies. Our providers are also skilled in distinguishing between allergies and common colds, which is essential in delivering appropriate care for your child.

Pediatric XRay Services
Save Your Spot In Line
For Medical Emergencies Call 911

In the event of a medical emergency, Urgent Care for Children recommends calling 911 or visiting your local emergency room. We are not able to treat acute traumas, medical emergencies or life-threatening illnesses.

Pediatric Asthma & Allergy Services

Urgent Care for Children can help your little ones find comfort and relief from a non-emergency asthma attack or allergic reaction. Our pediatric clinic locations offer:

  • Nebulizer Treatment
    Our asthma treatment urgent care teams can administer medication with a nebulizer, to help ease your child’s shortness of breath and wheezing. This can also help relieve tightness of the chest associated with an asthma attack.
  • Inhaler Prescriptions
    We can prescribe inhalers for your child’s asthma treatment — and with our in-house pharmacy services, you can get everything you need to help your child start feeling better under one roof.
  • Steroid Shots
    Our allergic reaction urgent care offers steroid injections to help provide immediate relief for those experiencing inflammation and other allergic reactions, such as itchy rash or hives. 
  • Asthma Treatment & Education
    When you need after-hours asthma care for your child, the team at Urgent Care for Children can provide guidance on over-the-counter and prescription medication, help you develop a plan for follow-up care, and answer other questions you may have.
  • Allergy Education & Resources
    Our pediatric care specialists can provide you with resources to learn more about your child’s allergy and offer guidance about what to do if they have a reaction to a particular food, medication, pollen, or other allergen. Please note that our locations do not offer allergy testing.

Schedule Your Child’s Pediatric Allergy or Asthma Appointment 

Need quick and convenient care for your child’s allergy concerns or asthma condition? Urgent Care for Children is here for you. Our pediatric asthma urgent care and pediatric allergy urgent care locations in Alabama are staffed by pediatric specialists who are well-equipped to manage different types of allergic reactions and asthma complications. 

Schedule an appointment to save your spot in line at one of our convenient locations and receive personalized care for your child’s needs.

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