Hand Sanitizer 101

Fall is just weeks away – which means cold and flu season is right around the corner. While rigorous hand-washing with soap and water is undoubtedly the best way to prevent sickness, hand sanitizer is a great alternative when you’re on the go or don’t have access to a sink. But do you know how to properly use this germ-fighting sidekick? We’re sharing our top tips to help your kiddos stay healthy this cold and flu season!

More is More

The old saying, “less is more,” doesn’t apply to hand sanitizer. Make sure your children apply generous amounts of hand sanitizer each time they need to clean their hands. Any amount is helpful to fight off germs, but when it comes to hand sanitizer – the more the merrier!

Cover Your Bases

Let the hand sanitizer work its germ-fighting magic by squeezing a generous amount in the palm of your child’s hand. The gel should cover every inch of their fingers. Be sure to rub it in well and make sure it dries completely.

Know the Limits

While hand sanitizer is a great supplement in the fight against sickness, it doesn’t get rid of all types of germs. When it comes to scrubbing off dirt, grease or blood – soap and water are your best bet.

Find the Best Fit

From gels and wipes to foams and sprays, hand sanitizer comes in a variety of forms. Just be sure to use sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Although they may smell nice or come in cute colors, if they don’t contain a high percentage of alcohol, they’re not nearly as effective. Find the form that works best for your little one!

Safety First

If ingested, alcohol-based sanitizer can be poisonous to your little ones. According to the Center for Disease Control, U.S. poison control centers received approximately 85,000 calls regarding children and sanitizer exposure from 2011-2015. We all know that kiddos can be curious, so make sure to closely supervise their usage and store your sanitizer out of young children’s reach.