International Autism Month: Spotlighting Sensory-Inclusive Services

Since 2019, Urgent Care for Children has held the title of being the nation’s very first sensory-inclusive urgent care facility. Some may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? In honor of International Autism Month, we’re walking you through this unique aspect of UC4C and giving you a first-hand look at what we offer at all of our clinics as a part of this program.

First Things First

From day one, Urgent Care for Children has committed itself to providing quality care, convenient care, and continuity of care to all in a welcoming environment. In doing so, UC4C leadership identified a need to create a safe space for patients with sensory sensitivities (common in patients with PTSD, autism, anxiety, etc.) to receive specialized after-hours care. And with that, a partnership with Birmingham-based non-profit, KultureCity was born!

Sensory-Inclusive Bags

Upon checking-in at any Urgent Care for Children clinic, patients are welcome to borrow a sensory inclusive bag. This bag is filled with a weighted lap pad, trinket toys, noise-reducing headphones, and an emotions card.

Quiet Room

At UC4C, we understand that sometimes patients with sensory sensitivities need a quiet space to relax and retreat away to when entering a new facility. That’s why you’ll find a designated quiet room at each of our clinics. Parents can ask to access this room upon check-in to eliminate triggers during their child’s wait.

Sensory Machine

Our mobile sensory unit sits on four wheels and has the power to take patients’ focus from the oftentimes overwhelming environment of a doctor’s office and into a space of peace and calmness. The sensory machine features light-up fiber optics, a fish tank, and a disco ball that shines onto the ceiling. 

Fully-Trained Staff

Each Urgent Care for Children team member has completed specialized training to help them better identify ways to help our patients with sensory sensitivities and make their visit even more seamless. Our staff is honored to provide quality pediatric care to all families 365 days of the year.

Previewing and Preparing

For patients with sensory sensitivities, it can be helpful to get a look at where they are going before heading inside. By downloading the free KultureCity app, you can search for your preferred Urgent Care for Children clinic and view our social story. This feature gives the patient a walk-through of the facility they will be visiting so that they have a better understanding of what to expect once arriving.


Here’s what a few Urgent Care for Children parents have to say about our sensory-inclusive services…

“They were wonderful with my little boy. He has Autism and doctors’ offices can be hard. They had sensory items for him to use and let him sit in a chair for the exam (he hates the table). We were able to turn the lights down as well. We will definitely use them again.” -Casey S.

“Great customer service. Sensory bags were available and awesome. Attentive staff and thoughtful sensory props were used to help ease my son’s anxiety.” -M.D.

“Today, I took my 12-year-old in for his asthma because his breathing treatments just were not working at home. The quickness and the care this doc and her staff showered were better than I’ve seen in a long time. I was in and out, and that was even with them giving him a breathing treatment and meds. While being there, I learned that they are a sensory doctor’s office. The first I have ever seen. I love it… I myself do not have a child with autism, but several of my friends do.” -LaTisha C.

With all nine UC4C locations serving as a certified sensory inclusive urgent care facility to their communities, and more clinics set to open throughout 2021, we are proud to offer these services to our patients while bringing awareness to the challenges they face. To learn more about KultureCity and the non-profit’s mission to create sensory accessibility and inclusion, click here.