Kitchen Safety Tips to Keep in Mind this Holiday Season

There’s nothing better than celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones. But we all know that preparing your holiday meals can also lead to a jam-packed kitchen filled with cooking, baking and a little chaos!

In this environment, it’s easy for your little ones to get caught up in the excitement and suffer a minor cut or burn. With the holidays just around the corner, we’re sharing a few proactive tips to help your kiddos stay safe and merry all season long.

  • Slip and Slide: Little ones are notorious for spills, but holiday meal preparations like boiling potatoes or perfecting your cranberry sauce can also lead to accidents. To prevent your little ones from slipping, keep a close eye on the kitchen floors and wipe immediately after a spill. Also, make sure all kitchen rugs are nonslip!
  • Spice Isn’t Always Nice: While the perfect blend of spices is delicious on your turkey or roasted vegetables, it can be toxic for a child to consume in large quantities. Make sure to keep your spices out of children’s reach or use a childproof latch for added protection.
  • Beware of Boxes: Kitchen helpers like aluminum foil, wax paper and plastic wrap make holiday meals easier to prep, but serrated edges can be dangerous for your little ones. These boxes can easily cut small fingers, so it’s important to make sure these stay out of your child’s reach.
  • Keep Helping Hands Safe: A holiday meal isn’t over until everyone’s tummies are full and there’s a pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter. While it’s sweet that our kiddos love to help, dish duty can lead to accidents for your little ones. To avoid mishaps, make sure to point sharp utensils like can openers and knives down when loading the dishwasher, and have an adult remove them as soon as they are washed.
  • Ditch the Tablecloth: While festive tablecloths add the perfect pop to your holiday décor, children can easily pull on them and cause hot food and drinks to fall. Make sure to replace the tablecloth at the kids table with adorable placemats your kiddos will love!
  • Kid-Free Zone: It’s no secret that young children are at high risk of being burned by hot food and liquids in the kitchen. This holiday season, ensure the area by your oven and stove is a kid-free zone and teach your children to follow this guideline. An easy way to keep this fun and festive is by using a baby gate decked in holiday décor!
  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: To prevent burns, turn all pot handles toward the back or middle of the stove, ensuring that the handle isn’t over another element. Another helpful tip is using the back burners of the stove for high temperatures and the front burners for lower temperatures – or if possible, only utilize the back burners.
  • Safe and Secure: We all know that kiddos love to climb and explore.Before you welcome the whole family home for the holidays, be sure to bolt the stove to the wall if you have a low oven or broiler door, so that the stove will not tip over if your little ones open the door and stand on it.
  • Turn Off the Danger: Outsmart your little ones and place covers on stove and oven knobs or remove knobs entirely from the stove so that burners and ovens cannot be turned on easily by a child. Knobs can be stored conveniently in a drawer or shelf, out of your child’s reach.

We hope these tips are beneficial for keeping your children healthy and joyful this holiday season! If your kiddo does suffer a minor cut or burn during holiday celebrations, remember that Urgent Care for Children is open every day of the year and is always here to help!