Proactive Pointers for Fighting Seasonal Allergies

The chill of winter has come and gone. Now spring has finally sprung! The sunshine is out and inviting your little one to come and play. While the shift in seasons brings relief for many, spring can sometimes mean seasonal allergies for others. If your kiddo is prone to seasonal allergies, which can include everything from sneezing, a runny nose, and congestion, you’ve come to the right place. Urgent Care for Children is here to arm you with four proactive tips to keep your child’s symptoms at bay.

Showering and bathing after outside activities

The outdoors is full of adventure, but it can also be home to the largest amount of allergy triggers like pollen, mold, dander, and more. While it would be extreme to say avoid the outdoors entirely for most, it is wise to practice caution when they do come in from playing outside. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests bathing or showering your child once they come inside along with changing their clothes. By heading to the shower or bathtub following some much-needed fresh air, you can ensure that your child is removing any of the allergens they picked up outside.

Resist the urge to open windows

When spring’s cool breeze blows, it can be tempting to lower your windows to allow some fresh air inside of your home. According to experts at Harvard, it is important to resist the urge to raise your windows if your child has seasonal allergies. Instead, they suggest turning to your air conditioner for cool air in your home as it does not pull in pollen as the alternative does.

Eliminate dust from your home

It may seem simple, but eliminating dust from your home can make a difference in your child’s allergy symptoms. We recommend focusing on areas known for serving as a home for dust mites such as blinds, linens, drapery, down blankets, and even stuffed animals. Washing the following items once a week with hot water can reduce this pesky in-house allergen. Don’t forget to wipe down dusty surfaces around the house as well!

Extra care for pets

If it is decided by your child’s pediatrician that pets are not the root cause of your kiddo’s allergies, it is still important to show your furry friends some extra attention. Though pets are not allergy triggers for everyone, they can track outside allergens inside of the home. Consider washing and brushing your pet once a week to minimize the risk of having your furry friend pass along allergens to your child.

Seasonal allergies are never fun, but with the right care, they can be managed. Should you find your kiddo in need of relief from their allergies, find peace in knowing that Urgent Care for Children is here for you all 365 days of the year. To save your child’s spot online for an in-clinic visit or to see one of our trusted pediatricians from the comfort of your own home, visit this link.