Spring Break Safety Tips

No matter if you’re going on a family beach trip or enjoying a nice staycation at home, spring break is a time for your kids to recharge and have fun before the school year finishes out. The last thing you want to add to your agenda for the week? A trip to your doctor or nearest urgent care! Our team wants to make your spring break the best it can be, so we’ve put together these safety tips for the entire family.

Apply Sunscreen 

Protecting your children’s skin from the spring sunshine is essential, especially if you’re opting for a stay at the lake or beach. Limit your kids’ exposure to the sun as much as possible, especially during the midday hours, to reduce the chance of sunburn. You should find a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 and does not irritate or cause an allergic reaction on your child’s skin. Be sure to reapply every two hours or after swimming and sweating to maximize protection. You can also brush up on all our sun safety facts here!

Use Insect Repellent

Spring weather is prime time for mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks to come out from winter hiding! Insect repellants come in a variety forms and are your first defense for keeping kids bite-free.  Avoid using repellant directly on cuts or scrapes and apply to the face by first putting the product on your hands to best avoid eye irritation. It’s also important to remember that bug sprays only protect against biting insects – not stinging ones such as bees and wasps. 

Avoid Allergies

Seasonal allergies can flare up during the spring, so take into consideration any sensitivities your children may have when planning your week-long break. Bring your kids’ typical regular allergy relief medications wherever you go to make sure you are prepared no matter what. If your child is traveling with extended family or friends, make them aware of any food allergies as to avoid the risk of reactions.

Pack First Aid Kits

Preparation is the key to having a fun spring break! You should travel with a first aid kit that has the essentials, such as bandages, allergy medications, gauze, disinfectant and alcohol wipes. These items can mend a minor scrape and get your family back to having fun in no time! For more serious or life-threatening issues, contact emergency personnel right away.

Spring break is the perfect time for creating new family memories and traditions, so make the most of yours this year! By following these simple safety tips, the entire family can focus on having fun no matter what your plans may be. If you do find yourself in need of urgent pediatric care during spring break, schedule an appointment online and stop by an Urgent Care for Children location in Birmingham or Trussville.